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Money and Prosperity Spell Kit

Money and Prosperity Spell Kit

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Spell Kits: Money and Prosperity

This spell kit contains everything you need to cast money and prosperity spells! Good for multiple spells. This kit is specifically designed to address the following:

* Aid in Financial Difficulty
* Find a Job, improve your current job
* Help in paying bills
* Help to bring you financial stability
* Attract Money

Of course these are just ideas! The best spells are the ones you create yourself. Look at the ideas in this kit, and then create your very own spells - you will be amazed at the results!

This spell kit contains the following items:

1) Spell ideas for you to try

Use our pre-made spells or create your own!

2) Herbal Bath: Money

These wonderful hand-blended bath is made with dried organically grown herbs. This blend can also be used as an incense if desired. Use to promote wealth, bring financial freedom and success into your life!

Your herbs come with a muslin bag is included. To use, you can add herbs to the bag and soak it in bath water or put the herbs directly in your bath water. The bag can also be used if you prefer to use this blend in the shower. This herbal blend can also be burned as an incense.

Our herbal blends are the freshest possible. Please note that all herbal blends including bath herbs, incenses, bath salts and oils are not blended until ordered!

3) Green and White spell Candles

Eight of our 4" spell candles - each burns for approximately 2 hours

4) Hand-blended Oil - Money

Size: 2 dram bottle

Rub on hands or anoint a green candle to bring money. You can also anoint your money before spending it to ensure its return. Use at your place of business to keep customers coming to you or to bring prosperity.

5) Incense: Money

Size: 5 DRAM vial

This is wonderful blend specially created to complement any ritual related to money, financial success and business success! Our incenses are the freshest possible. Please note that incenses are not blended until ordered! This blend comes in a shrink sealed 10 DRAM Vial!

6) Green votive!

Use Green candles for the following spells:

Prosperity, fertility, harmony, health, healing, luck, money, peace, harmony, greed, envy, ambition, success. Stimulates rituals for good luck, money, harmony, and rejuvenation. Green is the elemental color of earth, and can be used to center, protect and ground. Green is a very strong healing color.

7) Four pieces of Green Aventurine

Note: Green aventurine can vary from light green to a deep dark green

8) One roll of 33MM Charcoal

Use charcoal to burn the incense! You will need a fireproof container.

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