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Tree of Life Evolution

Elemental Bath Salts

Elemental Bath Salts

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Elemental Bath Salts
Size: 5 OZ jar

Elemental Air bath (Yellow Jasper) - For Elemental Air, communication, inspiration, astral travel

Elemental Earth bath (Moss Agate) - For Elemental Earth, grounding, protection, manifestation, and health

Elemental Fire bath (Red Jasper) - For Elemental Fire, Stamina, change, ambition, courage, Transformation

Elemental Water Bath (Moonstone) - For Elemental Water, healing, relationships, emotional balance, adaptation

Our bath salts are fragranced with 100% pure essential oils - most of which are organic! Mixed in with these salts is a pinch of organic herbs - the pieces were left whole that they can easily be removed from the tub when done.

Our bath salts are made with the same blend that European spa salt!. They are free from any chemicals and preservatives. Shake well before use, and use about 2 tablespoons for each bath. You will soon be enveloped in a world of delicious scents and a wonderfully relaxing feeling! As with all of our blends - our bath salts are hand-blended! Each bath also contains a crystal inside the jar to keep the energy active in the blend. Once all of the salts are used up you can add that crystal to your collection!

Our elemental Bath salts are made to help you to connect with each individual element! Chose from

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