Spiritual Coaching & Mentorship

60 min Distance Spiritual Guidance & Development Coaching $100  

Individual mentorship assisting you in exploring, awakening, and strengthening your psychic ability through spiritual coaching, personal development, and intensive personal practice. This service is intended to be part of an on-going psychic development program. Sessions cover energy balancing, shielding, divination, empathic ability, mediumship, energy manipulation, healing, and more over multiple sessions. Together, we’ll explore several tools and techniques to assist you on your spiritual evolution including visionary work, pathworking, shadow work, personal development, and manifestation training. All sessions are delivered via Zoom.

Spiritual evolution is a way of life, and the way is working towards balance. To walk along one’s path in balance, we must know ourselves and be brave enough to face the changes we need in order to grow. Spiritual growth comes from this process and begins by identifying, processing, and healing from past obstacles and experiences. It involves identifying belief systems and dogma that may inhibit our growth. It includes an examination of our subconscious through shadow work. And ultimately, it requires making concrete changes in our behaviors and actions to allow our inner work to manifest in our lives.

Through mentorship, I assist you in navigating this process. Each session is unique based on your individual situation, spiritual path, and personal goals. The work includes:

  • Taking an inventory of your current and past relationships
  • Identifying activities to promote health and happiness
  • Identifying goals and dreams
  • Working with the elements as a system of personal and spiritual development
  • Discovering or deepening your connection with Source
  • Developing meditation and focusing skills
  • Learning mindfulness practices
  • Building manifestation skills
  • Discovering and developing psychic abilities
  • Aligning with your Higher Self and True Will

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