New/Waxing Moon Ritual Kit

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Kits:New/waxing Moon Ritual Kit

Everything you need for your New or Waxing Moon ritual

1) Simple Sample Ritual - easy to follow ritual that can be done to honor or align with the moon, or in conjunction with another spell!

2) Two Chime Candles - One purple and one white - for all of your spellcasting needs! You can also use them to represent New moon and Waxing moon!
3) Sea Salt - Sea salt can be used to represent the earth element or mix with water to cleanse your space.

4) Small vial of New Moon Incense - This blend is specially made for your New/waxing moon rituals and esbats! Use this wonderful blend for any ritual to align with moon energies or for any Goddess devotional!

5) Amethyst - One Amethyst to help you harness the energies of the moon!
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