Full/Waning Moon Ritual Kit

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Kits: Full/Waning Moon

Ready to celebrate the Full or Waning moon but not sure where to start? Well, this kit is just what you need! It contains everything you need to create your esbat ceremony. Check our sister website at www.ravenmoonlight.com for our Moon Ceremony guide!

This kit contains the following:

  1. One 4 DRAM Vial of Full Moon Incense
  2. One 2DRAM Vial of Lunar Anointing Oil
  3. Two spell candles: White and Black
  4. Two charcoal rounds (you will need a fire-proof container)
  5. One stick of Palo Santo for cleansing your space

If you are looking to be prepared for all Moon phases, check out our New/Waxing Moon kit as well!

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