Dragon Power Incense, Hand-Blended

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Strong blend with a deliciously spicy scent and feel to it. Use this blend in all of our Dragon Magick rituals!

---- From "Dragon Lore" By Vox Draconis ----

Everywhere the legged dragon is assosiated with creation or life giving. Throughout the globe the Goddess or Great Mother is connected with serpents, dragons and spirals. As a great whale-dragon, the goddess Ishtar brought about the catastrophic flood which made it possible for a new order of humans to develope. The goddess Tiamat of Mesopotamia was the mother-creator-dragon whose body was shaped into the Earth and heavens. Worldwide, dragons and serpents are symbolic of the energy source of life, healing, fertility, oracular powers and maternal blessing.

These days true practical dragon magick and power are an almost forgotten art in the world of magick. Generally speaking it is only practioners and believers in the Faerie Tradition speak about the existence and validity of dragons. Very few know about the joy, companionship and spiritual knowledge that comes from working and dancing with dragons. It takes co-operation and great self-discipline to reach into another plane of existance and contact a dragon as a co-spell weaver. These dragons inhabit the astral plane of existence which co-exists with and interpenetrates this material plane. Astral beings are as real as we are, they just have a body that vibrates as a different rate compared to physical matter. Dragons can be everywhere and anywhere, who knows there may even be one reading over your should and you don't even know it.This blend pairs very well with our courage oil. Use anytime you are facing difficult situations and need a boost. Use this along with red candles, anointed with our courage oil for a boost of energy and self-assurance!

About my Hand-made ~ About my Hand-made incenses ~
Photo displays Healing and Altar incenses as samples. Each incenses is hand-blended only after you order them to ensure freshness.
Loose incenses are intended to be burned on charcoal. A charcoal sample is included as a gift with purchase. Some incenses may not be used as herbal baths due to some herbs causing skin irritation. Our incenses are not intended to be consumed or used as herbal baths.
My incenses are made from organic or wild-harvested herbs with NO PRESERVATIVES. Try them today and see what a big difference freshness makes!
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