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Size: 1/2 oz bottle
~ About Raven Moon Botanical Oil Blends
All of our oils come in a 1/2 ounce clear glass bottle with a black cap for shipping and a dropper for ease of use. All bottles are shrink sealed to maintain freshness.
Our oils are hand blended with all natural ingredients for the freshest possible product. We use coconut as our bas oil and pure 100% essential oils in every blend. All of our oils are 100% cerified organic as well.
o Adam and Eve – to draw love and attract a partner.
o African Ju-Ju – used to boost the power of other oils and components in your magick work.
o Algiers – used for fast luck and money
o All saints – use to bring success, healing and blessings
o Attraction – use to attract things to you – people, money, jobs, opportunity, anything.
o Black Panther – Use to boost confidence and success
o Cleo May – used by women to attract a generous male partner.
o Command – used to control the actions of others and have them do your bidding (use with caution!)
o Conjuring – Used to bless work areas, churches and prayer rooms
o Chypre – use to attract new love or to keep the love you have.
o Drawing – use to attract money and financial success to yourself
o Fiery Command – Use to get another to do your bidding (use with caution!)
o Fiery Wall of Protection – use for all types of protection, uncrossing and hex-breaking
o Flying Devil – Hex-reversing oil – a return to sender blend (use with caution!)
o Goofer Oil – use for hexing and cursing (use with caution!)
o Gris-Gris Oil – use for creating and feeding Gris-gris bags
o High John – use to bless tools, candles and to add power to any work you do. Especially good for attracting money and success.
o Jezebel oil – use to draw in a rich partner
o House Blessing – use to bless a home or office against all negativity and negative entities
o Luck (Van Van ) Oil – use to remove negativity, bring luck in love, money, health and more.
o Lucky Nine – overall success and luck blend – use over 9 days to boost the power in your work.
o Nine African Powers – use for protection from all witchcraft, jinxing and hexing
o Nine Mysteries – used to grant knowledge and sight into things unseen
o Obeah – removes all negativity and protects against negative forces.
o Power – power boost for any work you do
o Queen Bee – used by women to attract multiple men to them.
o Road Opener – used to clear the way and remove obstacles from your goals.
o Seven African Powers – use to evoke all of the 7 African Orishas
o Shi-Shi – use to break through obstacles and clear your path
o Holy Oil – use to bless people, tools and places
o Woodsman – used by men to attract female partners
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