Angelic Whispers Ritual Incense, Loose Hand-blended

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Angelic Whispers Loose Incense

Our Angelic Whispers incense blend is specially made to help you contact your guardian angel for everyday help and assistance. Use it in your daily meditation, for protection spells and rituals or as a personal power blend. Your guardian angel or spirit walks with you everywhere and he is always close by awaiting your call. You can also use this blend to call on any of the Archangels at times of crisis and need. A wonderful all around blend for those that enjoy working with Angelic Energies.
Small: 5 dram
Medium: 1 oz (seen in primary product photo)
Large: 2 oz
Ingredients: frankincense resin, copal resin, patchouli incense, white sage, and frankincense essential oil.
Directions: Place a small amount of loose incense on lit charcoal tablet. Burn only in heat resistant container in a safe place. Never leave unattended.
Why choose Tree of Life Herbals and Raven Moonlight Botanicals? We offer an extensive, diverse, and carefully curated selection of premium quality herbs, resins, spices, teas, and spiritual botanical blends. We are committed to sustainability and ethical sourcing. Our bulk herbs are organic when available, otherwise herbs are wildcrafted or responsibility farmed. Our blends are hand-crafted in small batches using only the freshest herbs, woods, resins, and oils. Whether you’re passionate about holistic health or pursuing a personal spiritual or magical path, our botanicals our here to support you on every step of your journey.
Sold as a curio. This product is intended for spiritual purposes. This product is not a cosmetic. For external use only. All Tree of Life Herbals and Raven Moonlight Botanical products are hand-made in small batches.
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